EverLight World

This is a world, a game world, which is fully autonomous, with infinite possibilities.
You are born in this virtual, parallel world as aborigines, every single change in this world is because of you. You are changing the world while it changes you.
Except for the fearlessness of the brave, the wisdom, you also need a little luck in this competitive game world. Will you be the chosen one?
With the endless of the world's annual rings and the development of civilization, the eternal light streams into the world, for the chosen, the direction to move forward is clear and firm. Take on the role of advancing the civilization and great responsibility. let's make the Creation!

Character NFT

The character is our "clone" in EverLight, who is the aborigines. "We" are changing the world while it changes "us".
One of the most important attributes of Character NFT: Computing Power
What is Computing Power? Computing Power is Character NFT's Energy value. The effect of any Character's behaviour is positively related to the Character's Computing Power.
At the Creation of EverLight, Character's Computing Power is used for Mining, in other words, the amount of profit from mining is related to the computing power.

Character NFT With Equipments

Character NFT Without Equipment

Character's Computing Power is composed of 3 parts:

1. Basic Computing Power

The characters themselves have no computing power; the power comes from the equipment they wear, hence the character’s basic computing power is the total computing power from all the equipment worn by the character.

2. Bonus Computing Power for Full Set Equipment

If the character wears a full set of equipment (which means all 11 parts of equipment come from the same set), the character gains an extra 12% of computing power on top of their Basic Computing Power.

3. Random Bonus Computing Power

The total computing power of a character, on top of the previous two parts, can further increase by 1%-30% by random chance.

Therefore, the character’s Computing Power is calculated as follows:

The Character’s Total Computing Power = Basic Computing Power * A * B

A: Bonus Computing Power for Full Set Equipment: 112%
B: Random Bonus Computing Power : 100% - 130%

In addition, Characters NFT in EverLight follow the rules:

• Each user (per Polygon address) can mint a Character NFT.
• When minting the Character NFT, EverLight will randomly offer 11 items of Equipment NFT (excluding Special NFT: Lucky Stone) to each Character. These items will be worn by the Character by default so the user will receive a whole Character NFT that comes with the equipment items.
• While one Polygon address can only mint one Character NFT, there is no limit on the number of Characters NFT owned per Polygon address. Characters NFT can be traded and transferred among users.
• The cost for minting a Character NFT is 25 MATIC at the Creation stage; after every 256 Characters created, the cost increases by 25 MATIC; If there is no new Character NFT created in 25000 consecutive blocks, the cost for minting decreases by 25 MATIC; the floor mint cost is 25 MATIC.This cost can be adjusted by the community's joint governance.

Create your Character NFT now ! >> Be a member of EverLight

Equipment NFT

Equipment NFT


• The rank of the rarity of an item. At the Creation EverLight, there are 5 rarity ranks:
Common, Good, Excellent, Epic, Legend (from low to high).
• The higher the rarity rank, the lower the probability to get the item.


Each equipment item at each rarity rank has 9 levels, which are from 1 to 9.


Each equipment item’s basic computing power, rarity rank and level affect the eventual computing power of the item. The higher the rarity rank and level, the higher the computing power.


If some items share common characteristics and belong to the same series of equipment, they are classified as the same set.
• Some Equipment NFT can be individually listed and not belong to a set of equipment.
• At the Creation of EverLight, there are 3 equipment sets; some of the equipment (type) belong to these sets randomly.
• Each set has a unique ID.

• The values in the table show the Basic Computing Power of the equipment.
• Each time when an item within the same rarity rank increases by one level, the computing power increases by a certain percentage. This percentage is set at 25% at the creation stage and can be adjusted by community governance in the future.
• When creating new Equipment NFT, EverLight will increase computing power by 1%-10% of the Basic Computing Power by random chance.

Disassembling Equipment

When the Character NFT was created, EverLight offered 11 Equipment NFT items to each character and are worn on the character. The user can choose to disassemble these 11 equipment from the character so that the user can turn one Character NFT into 12 NFTs: 1 Character NFT + 11 Equipment NFT.

The following rules shall be followed when disassembling equipment:

Amount of items to be disassembled at a time: One or more equipment items.
Effects on the character's Computing Power after disassembling: Since the character's computing power comes from the equipment they wear, the character's computing power will decrease accordingly when the equipment is removed from the character.
Each time of disassembling will generate a new Equipment NFT: Every time the character disassembles the Equipment NFT, it re-mint.

Disassembe Equipment

Putting On Equipment

The character can wear again the equipment removed from the body or put on new Equipment NFT on the body. This equipment may have been given by EverLight along with the character when the character was created, or they may have been traded from other users or obtained by mining in EverLight.

The following rules shall be followed when putting on equipment:

Amount of items to be worn at a time: One or more equipment items.
Destroyed after being worn: The Equipment NFT is destroyed when it is worn on the character. If the equipment is removed from the character in the future, a new Equipment NFT will be minted.
Increase of the character's computing power: The character's computing power comes from the equipment they wear, hence when new equipment is worn, the computing power will increase accordingly.

Put On Equipment

Upgrading Equipment

"Upgrading equipment" means combining 2 identical items of equipment to form an item that is 1 level higher than the previous item.
"Identical" in this context means 2 items in which the wearing part, name, rarity, and level are matched.

The following rules shall be followed when upgrading equipment:

Older items being destroyed after the upgrade: After successfully combining items for the upgrade, the 2 items of Equipment NFT used to be combined will be destroyed.
Increase of the character's computing power: After combining, the new Equipment NFT level will increase by 1 level along with its computing power.
Level 9 as the maximum: Upgrading can be carried out only for items with the same rarity rank and level 9 is the highest level an item can reach.

Upgrade Equipment

Creating New Equipment

If a user has an item of Equipment NFT that reaches level 9, the user has the power to create a new type of equipment. They can name the new type freely and leave their footprints that witness the development and civilization evolution of the EverLight world.

Create New Equipment

The following rules shall be followed when creating new equipment:

• The name of the new equipment (type) can be up to 16 characters, and the name cannot be repeated with the existing equipment.
• The wearing part of the new equipment shall be the same as that of the item at level 9. For example, if the wearing part of the item at level 9 is the head, then the wearing part of the new equipment shall also be the head.
• The rarity of the new equipment will be 1 level higher than that of the level 9 Equipment NFT item.
• The new equipment must belong to a certain set; the user can add the new equipment to an old set created by themselves or create a new set for the equipment. If the user does not provide the ID of a specific set when creating the new equipment, EverLight will automatically create a new set for the user. For all the subsequent creation of Equipment NFT based on this new equipment (type), they will all belong to the same set as this new equipment (type).
• The creator can get 3 new Equipment NFT (the creation setting value).
• The old level 9 Equipment NFT will be kept but the power to create new equipment (type) will no longer be available

An example of creating new equipment (type):
The basic information of the level 9 equipment : Head Copper Helmet Common Level 9 100(set ID)
Basic information of the new equipment (type) : Head Silver Helmet(define by user) Good 105(new set ID)

Special NFT | Lucky Stone

Lucky Stone is a special NFT. Users can purchase Lucky Stone in EverLight to boost their lucky value. Lucky value means the bonus by chance value for the user.

Using Lucky Stone
Amount to be used at a time: One or more depending on the user’s will.
1 Lucky Stone adds 1 point: The use of n lucky stone allows the user (Polygon address) to increase n lucky point.
Each Lucky Stone NFT will be destroyed once used.
Increase adventure profit after using: After the user uses the Lucky Stone to increase lucky value, they will be luckier when having adventures in the world of EverLight. When the pledge role NFT mines to collect Equipment NFT, there will be a higher probability of mining Equipment NFT with a higher rarity rank.
At the Creation of EverLight, the Lucky Stone can only be the lucky bonus for users when mining equipment NFT mines.
The process of using Lucky Stone can be briefly summarized as:
Purchase Lucky Stones —》Use Lucky Stones to add luck —》 Take an adventure in EverLight (such as Mining NFT )


After the Character NFT being created (mint), the user can get realized by selling the Character NFT, dismantling and upgrading pieces of equipment, etc. At the same time, another option for the character is mining in the EverLight World, gaining higher profit by Character NFT.
The profit from minting by character is positively associated with the Computing Power - Higher Computing Power makes more profits. The amount of Computing Power comes from what equipment the character wears, therefore it is a wise choice that the character mints with more advanced equipment.
At the creation of the everlight, though there are only two kinds of mines, it will be more and more types coming out in the future. What kind of minerals and how many of them will be able to be imagined and completed by "you" and "me" in the EverLight World.
The two mines available currently: [Equipment NFT] and [EverLight Token Gold Mine: ELET]

Mining: [Equipment NFT]

If the user pledges the Character NFT to the NFT-equipped mineral contract, they can mine the equipped NFT mine.
The profit of mining is related to the following three factors:
1. The length of time that Character NFT be locked by pledge.
2. The character's Computing Power.
3. The user's Lucky Value

The longer it lasts, and the greater Computing Power achieves, the more FNT Equipments the character can mine.
The higher the Lucky Value reaches, the greater possibility the user gains the higher-rarity NFT Equipment.

Mining: [EverLight Token ELET]

If the user pledges the Character NFT to the Token ELET contract, they can mine "Gold mine" in the EverLight World, which is ELET.
When the user redeems Character NFT, they can be rewarded with ELET, the amount of it is positively associated with the length of pledge and character's Computing Power.
1. The length of time that Character NFT be locked by pledge.
2. The character's Computing Power.

The longer it lasts, and the greater Computing Power achieves, the more ELET the character can mine.
After obtaining ELET, instead of trading in the secondary market, the user can also purchase Lucky Stone in the EverLight World to improve the Lucky Value, as the statement in [Lucky Stone] and [NFT Mine Equipment Mining] section described.

The Evolution and Civilization of EverLight

The Civilization of EverLight has iterated and developed Incrementally since the beginning of Creation. The Development is not set and controlled by the EverLight Creation, but every single "you" and “me”- it is formed by every EverLight warrior, they think, make decisions, take action together and influenced each other, each warrior will not only contribute to the EverLight World but also be engulfed by the torrent of EverLight's history, just like the great civilization of human.

• With more natives and warriors, the competition is getting fierce!

As more Characters (NFT) being created, there will be more natives and warriors in EverLight. Warriors will not feel lonely and the competition will only get fiercer.
In this parallel game world, every warrior needs more courage and wisdom to stand out and have the opportunity to stand on top of the EverLight world!

• The equipment will be more and more advanced!

Warriors' Equipment can be upgraded constantly in EverLight World!
EverLight equipped each warrior with 11 types of equipment at random at the beginning of the Creation, each of them can upgrade, transform and eliminate all the equipment of their own accord, to make the equipment in the EverLight World more advanced and well equipped.
Each warrior can replace his favorite equipment and continue to fight, making the journey of battle more unstoppable and becoming the best of all warriors!

• More and more minerals & resources!

At the beginning of EverLight, warriors can maximize their benefits by two methods of mining (Equipment NFT and Token ELET).
With the following self-driven development and evolution of the EverLight, the number of minerals will constantly be increased. All the warriors will get the opportunities to experience more adventures together in the future, fighting in a larger, wider territory, and gaining more resources and profits!

• Deployed on Layer-2 network

EverLight is deployed on Ethereum's Layer-2 basic network Polygon, which not only guarantees EverLight's high transaction performance, but also makes EverLight's transaction costs cheaper, allowing users to have a lower threshold for adventure trips in EverLight and a more user-friendly experience.


September. 2021:Start the Creation of the EverLight, Open the trading system

Early October. 2021:Release EverLight World Economic System, activate Economic System Farming

Mid-October. 2021:Release EverLight World Map System, activate the Mine Map System Farming

Late October. 2021:Release EverLight World Ranking and PVP System, activate the Honor System

November. 2021:Release EverLight Governance System, open the Community Governance

Furture:The EverLight world is controlled by you and the future in your hands